Hi, welcome to my personal site. Please note that this is not actively updated, and is just a reference for general information. Check out my portfolio for a few of my projects, my resume for general information, and videos for interviews.

Thomas Sohmers is the founder and CEO of REX Computing, a High Performance Computing startup that is focusing on developing a new processor architecture targeted at performance, energy efficiency, and scalability for modern HPC and supercomputing workloads. Starting tinkering with simple electronics kits when he was six, Thomas taught himself basic electrical engineering and computer science skills until he developed his first creation, the EyePC monocular head mounted display in 2009, when he was 13. Shortly afterwards, he started an internship at the Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies, an army research lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and worked there for three years. While he started off working on rapid prototyping of soldier utilities, he found more interest in embedded and high performance computing systems.

In 2013, Thomas became part of the 2013 class of the Thiel "20 under 20" Fellowship, and later that year started REX Computing. For more information on REX, check out http://rexcomputing.com.

In his free time, he enjoys augmented and virtual reality systems, general hardware hacking and tinkering, science fiction movies/shows/books/games, and playing guitar.